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Duane M. Bryant, M.D.

Board Certified Comprehensive Ophthalmologist

Medico-Legal Clients

Dr. Bryant has provided expert witness services to plaintiff and defense attorneys regarding ophthalmologic issues. Firms that have retained his services include:

  • Law Offices of Friedberg & Bunge (CA)
  • Robert Gold, Esq. (CA)
  • Booth Cropper & Marriner, PC (PA)
  • McKeen and Associates (MI)
  • Kerr, Russell and Weber, PC (MI)
  • Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett, PC (MI)
  • Sommers Schwartz Law Offices (MI)
  • Law Offices of Ken Fitzgerald (CA)
  • Cole, Scott & Kissane, PA (FL)
  • Camacho Mauro Mulholland, LLP (NY)
  • Pressler Senftle Wilhite, PC (DC)
  • Murphy Falcon & Murphy (MD)
  • CorVel Corporation (PA)
  • CMA Group (PA)
  • National Evaluation Services (OH)
  • MedSource National (NY, FL)
  • Stamm Law Firm (NY)
  • Bice Law, LLC (NC, SC)
  • Rohan Law Firm, LLC (MD, DC)
  • Independent Medical Evaluations, PC (MI)
  • Anderson Coe & King (MD)
  • Huff Powell & Bailey, LLC (GA)
  • McCarthy Wilson LLP (MD)
  • R.J. Marzella & Associates, PC (PA)
  • Howerton Dorris Stone & Lambert (IL)
  • Triscaro and Associates, Ltd. (OH)
  • Law Offices of Craig Castle (CA)
  • Levinson Axelrod PA (NJ)
  • Timmerman Beaulieu Hinkle & Esworthy, LLC (MD)
  • Coventry Independent Medical Examinations (IL)
  • Smith Gildea & Schmidt, LLC (MD)
  • Gardner Willis Sweat Plaire and Pickett, LLP (GA)
  • Clement Wheatley (VA)
  • Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos (MD)
  • Reminger Company, LPA (OH, IN, KY)
  • The Law Offices of Peter T. Nicholl (MD)
  • HAT Law Firm (TN, MS, AL, NC)
  • Gerald Soukup (MD)
  • Bryan Nelson, PA, Attorneys at Law (MS)
  • Law Office of D. Reid Wamble, PLLC (MS)
  • Lanier Law Group, PA (NC)
Duane M. Bryant, Ophthalmologist

"This is an excellent report!"

"Thank you very much. This has been very helpful. (review for deposition of litigant)"

"I have received the [nexus[ letter. Thank you again for assisting me with this, I truly appreciate it. If I come along any other veterans in need of eye nexus letters, I will refer them to you."

Client Comments

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